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Membership Details

Who are our members?

Members are individuals that exhibit exceptional abilities in the incubation and management of early stage technology companies and are active in Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial and investment communities. Half of the individuals represent early stage venture capital funds. The other half are entrepreneurs that have held leadership roles in emerging software, Internet, and communications companies in Silicon Valley.

We currently have 62 members and are looking to grow to 100.

We are looking for individuals exhibiting deep Industry knowledge and a track record of entrepreneurialism and who actively assist early stage software or communications companies.

How do I contact the ABC?

Typically, the group does not accept unsolicited business plans or private placement offerings. Entrepreneurs are cautioned not to push directly for the Angel Breakfast Club presentation.

Quite often, even while a company is very interesting, venture capital firms show reservations because the company is at too early a stage. Typically, the venture capital firm wants to see certain milestones met before investing. The Angel Breakfast Club would encourage entrepreneurs to ask the VC to introduce the company to the Angel Breakfast Club.

With this type of introduction, the ABC can identify the specific steps and milestones necessary for first round investment and consequently provide a path for implementation through the use of ABC resources of money, contacts, and skills.

Silicon Valley organizations dedicated to early-stage companies that are represented by the Angel Breakfast Club members:

  • Propero Ventures
  • Dilts Capital
  • AsiaTech Management LLC
  • Rocket Ventures
  • CDIB Ventures
  • Harari &5 Associates, Inc.
  • Forte Capital Partners
  • NIF Ventures USA, Inc.
  • Four Square Partners
  • Ridgewood Capital
  • Crystal Internet Venture Partners
  • Horizon Capital
  • General Council Associates LLP
  • Venture Catalyst Group
  • iMinds Ventures

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