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About Our Club

What is the Angel Breakfast Club?

The specific purpose of the Angel Breakfast Club is to operate as a networking organization for individuals who invest in or render services to early stage software, Internet, or communications companies. Furthermore, the Angel Breakfast Club facilitates the introduction of such individuals to entrepreneurs and promising companies which are in need of financing and/or other types of assistance.

The Angel Breakfast Club has attracted an unusual number exceptional individuals that actively work with early stage software, Internet, and communications companies in Silicon Valley by providing capital, contacts, industry knowledge, and hands-on skills.

The organization is designed to facilitate close communication among the members to improve the number of excellent investment opportunities, the due diligence process, and the growth of portfolio companies. The Angel Breakfast Club markets the combined capabilities of the group to attract top quality investment opportunities and co-investment partners.

The Angel Breakfast Club as an organization does not invest directly. Each member of the group makes their own investment decision. Alternatively, individual members may provide other forms of assistance, such as taking operational or consultative roles in early stage ventures.

How did the ABC get started?

In early 1998, to meet the growing need of investment and management support of early stage technology companies, a group of 10 individuals met together with no agenda or topic of discussion, simply to see how, given enough like-minded individuals, we could work together to improve this process. The discussion focused how the group could act as a unit while maintaining individual decision making freedom.

Drawing from experiences from the Band of Angels, the Monterey Bay Angels, and other investment groups, the Angel Breakfast Club set out to create something new and unique on the marketplace. By attracting the best individuals that are active in the growth of early stage software or Internet-related companies, the group could provide a forum to improve the investment decision making process and provide expert leadership in the growth of portfolio companies.

Our target companies?

The group sources companies primarily from either the individual members of the group, or from strategic partner venture capital firms looking to take advantage of the delivery capability of the group.

The Angel Breakfast Club seeks those companies that represent investment opportunities larger VCs don't want to pass up, but must because they are simply too early stage.

These companies are promising early stage software or Internet-related companies addressing large vertical markets and having a solid management team and a defensible technology.

The ABC is prepared to invest at earlier stages than most VCs, and more importantly, provides the ability tap into exceptional skills and resources directly relevant to your market or technology.

The ABC members enjoy being the first professional investors to become involved with the company. We anticipate that a company is on the radar screen of larger investors, but has specific milestones to reach before receiving first round funding.

How are we different from other angel groups?

Our key differentiators from other angel groups are:

  1. we are extremely active with the companies post-investment and at times take interim management roles to ensure the success of a portfolio company,
  2. we have significant skills, contacts, and knowledge to bring to bear on software and Internet-related opportunities,
  3. our individual members represent venture capital firms and professional services companies dedicated to the creation and growth of early stage companies,
  4. we can provide continued support up through IPO or buy-out.

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